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Advanced Planning for End of Life

Action for Older Persons offers monthly seminars that discuss Advanced Planning for the End of Life (APEL) as well as individual consultations. The APEL program offers assistance in completing advanced directives, including health care proxies and living wills.

What services does APEL provide?

APEL helps individuals learn about what advanced directives are, their purpose, who needs to fill them out, and how to fill them out. APEL informs individuals on how to start conversations about health care proxies and wishes regarding medical treatments with family members and health providers. The program provides guidance on what to keep in mind when appointing a health care proxy and filling out a living will and provides health care proxy forms and living will booklets, including the very popular Five Wishes. APEL staff give community presentations in different healthcare and recreational settings, as well as monthly seminars in the office. APEL educates others on the authority of a health care proxy. APEL staff can also shed light on the role of do-not-resuscitate orders and Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.

EVERYONE age 18 or older needs to have a health care proxy. A health care proxy form allows you to assign someone as your “health agent” to make medical decisions on your behalf if you cannot speak for yourself – whether it be the result of a sports-related injury, car accident, unexpected health emergency or terminal illness.

A Living Will is a written document that details your wishes for end of life treatments that you do or do not want. This document serves as an “instruction book” for your health care proxy and treatment providers.

 Who does APEL help?

Every adult ages 18 and over should have advanced directives put into place. We help any adult seeking information and assistance about health care proxies, living wills, do-not-resuscitate orders, and Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.

Free seminars on Advance Directives can be arranged for your group or organization by calling Action for Older Persons at 607-722-1251. All participants at the seminars will receive Free copies of Advance Directives to take home as well as the information necessary to complete them accurately. Presentations are available for both community and professional groups.

 What is the Five Wishes Booklet?

This is a handy, easy-to-read, living will booklet that walks a person through the process of what medical treatments one would want, and not want, under certain circumstances. It gives a comprehensive approach to deciding what quality of life means to somebody.

Pick up forms in person at:
Action for Older Persons, 200 Plaza Drive, Suite B, Vestal, NY 13850
Your physician or lawyer may also have these forms available.

Find them online at:

New York State Department of Health

Contact Us – For more information on the APEL program, to arrange for a guest speaker, or to set up an appointment for an advance planning session, call 607-722-1251.

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